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The Food Studies FIG is a space for faculty teaching this topic and theme in various disciplines to gather and share. The main idea informing this FIG is pedagogical. We will ask and answer:

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    How to teach Food Studies courses most effectively, whether through a sociological, anthropological, agricultural, geological, journalistic, arts, literary or health and wellness focus?

  • What is happening in Food Studies that we, the teachers of it, should all be aware of, the current events and updates important to our work to engage this subject with our students?
  • What materials are we using, articles, books, textbooks, websites, documentaries, and that we want to share with our FS teacher colleagues?
  • What new resources are coming out that we should all be aware of and have an opportunity to consider using in our courses?
  • How can we, as teachers, most effectively manage the deeply interdisciplinary nature of Food Studies—that is, the ways the field, while being a field unto itself, crosses not two or three disciplines but numerous research fields or indeed all of them?

This FIG has, at its heart, a pedagogical focus. It is designed to be a Food Studies meetup for which a central purpose is to explore the question of how to teach Food Studies. We want to form a little collective or cohort of teachers doing just that through various academic frames or lenses and who would share with each other teaching materials (articles, documentaries, books, textbooks, etc.), strategies and exercises as well as the “breaking news” types of things we all want to know about and consider using. Lastly, this FIG is to be a way for FS teachers to collaborate and team-up on the Field Trips that naturally suggest themselves in teaching this topic as well as events we want to organize and put together addressing the subject.


Group Facilitator

Maureen Fadem, Ph.D.
Asociate Professor, English

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